Gauthier Le Meur

Introducing Alongside

Building smart and simple crypto investing

The market is growing fast, but there are no easy ways to invest. You have to study up and coming assets and select individual cryptocurrencies to buy (or ask that one friend who always talks about crypto). This takes a lot of time and effort, which most people don’t want or can't afford to spend on investing. Even with the right motivation, the steps to take to get there are complex.

Today, you need to know where to buy, how to use wallets & DEXs, decide on how you will allocate investments, and finally manage all the fees and taxes along the way. If this seems overwhelming, Alongside is here to help.

Alongside is building the smartest and simplest way to invest in crypto-assets. We created low fee index funds that will allow you to passively invest in the entire crypto-assets market without having to worry about selecting individual coins or timing your buys correctly.

Our mission is to provide the simplest experience to smart & secure investing in crypto-assets.

We focus on three core areas when making your crypto investing journey simpler:

  1. Creating the simplest investing experience in the industry (from funding your account, to buying the index, and seeing your previous transactions)
  2. Designing a rigorous methodology based on objective metrics with monthly rebalancing to ensure we are always incorporating the best in class projects
  3. Maintaining fees low (0.95% per year) to ensure our products are accessible to everyone

Understanding what’s under the hood

Let’s dive into how this works under the hood:

Account creation

After having registered your email with Alongside on the app, we automatically create a non-custodial wallet on your behalf. What this means is that you are one hundred percent in control of the funds and assets you will be adding to that wallet. Our team cannot access or move your funds around. In order to keep your funds secure, only your device will have the ability to manage your account.

Adding funds to your wallet

Currently, we support three methods for funding your account:

  1. Adding funds via your bank account: This method is supported thanks to our partners, Wyre, who manage this process on our behalf. The funds are ready 3-5 business days after funding. Please note all fees are charged and collected by Wyre, and that Alongside does not charge any fees for funding your account.
  2. Adding funds via a credit or debit card: Similarly to funding with your bank account, you can fund your account directly with a credit or debit card. Fees charged by Wyre will be higher than the bank account method, but the funding will be near-instant.
  3. Adding funds via an existing Polygon wallet: If you have an existing Polygon wallet, you can fund your Alongside wallet with Polygon USDC. Once the funds sent, you will have the ability to buy and sell the index directly from the app.

Buying or selling the index

When you press buy on the index, our protocol will use your desired purchase amount to buy the underlying assets that match the proportion of the index, to ensure that every dollar invested into the index is backed one to one with the underlying assets at all times. The underlying collateral is safely stored inside the Alongside Vault, and your wallet will receive corresponding index tokens.
When selling, the process happens in reverse. Your index tokens are sent back to the protocol, liquidating the underlying assets and sending you the proceeds in USDC to your wallet.

Index methodology

Our goal is to create the equivalent of the S&P500 for the crypto-asset ecosystem. In order to achieve this, we’re creating a broad-market index based on circulating marketcap for the projects included in the index. This allows for respective proportions to be included for each projects, and for you to get exposure to the most diversified portfolio possible without having to worry of buying each asset separately. Our index is rebalanced monthly in order for us to be confident that it best represents the right assets in the crypto markets.