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Working Alongside Us

Founded in 2021, Alongside is an international, world-class team of crypto natives and ex-finance professionals cutting through the complexity of crypto investing so you don’t have to.

We believe in a world where long-term crypto investing is accessible, and simple. Alongside makes it trivially easy to get diversified exposure to the entire market without having to read every whitepaper, track every Discord, and make bets on individual assets.

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Building with Values

Build with empathy.

We respect each other, show humility in our work, and care for each other authentically.

Extreme long termism.
We believe in an optimistic future, and approach every day as an opportunity for growth.

Truth Seeking.
We find the optimal answer by staying curious, and stay honest with ourselves by staying open to learning.

Bias for action.
We maintain momentum, take calculated risks, and do everything we can to ship.

Come work with us.

Our mission is to level the playing field for all investors, join us to achieve it.

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